Secure Payments

For credit card transactions, we use the SSL secure payment system  . 
In fact, upon confirmation of your order, it will be directed to a secure server managed by PayPal. 
Your credit card details will be transferred, via secure SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer), for authorization and debit. This system guarantees that no one can in any way read the information sent over the Internet. 
IN NO EVENT WILL WE  RECEIVE THE CREDIT CARD NUMBER. We will only be informed of the outcome of the operation and the authorization provided by the card manager. This procedure is absolutely safe and fully guarantees both the buyer and the seller (Merchant) in this case us (FASHION TOF LLC). 

SSL protocol
Secure Socket Layer is a protocol developed by Netscape for the private transmission of documents via the Internet. SSL works by using a symmetric key for encrypting data transferred over the connection. 
On the client PC, both Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer support SSL, while on the server side most websites use the SSL protocol to obtain confidential information from users, such as credit card numbers. 
A server is said to be ‘safe’ if it is able to guarantee the encryption of confidential and sensitive data with a standard method.

How to recognize an SSL (Secure)
server A secure server is recognized when the start of the web page request starts with  https: //  . 
Normally the beginning of the request is http: //